Welcome to the Bird Podcast — hosted by Shoba Narayan. 

This podcast will focus on birds, mostly from India with global forays. After all, birds know no boundaries. Each episode will be uploaded approximately once a fortnight, so please subscribe.

We are number 4 on Audubon’s list of Ten of the Best Podcasts about Birds in the world.  Within India, we are Number 8 in podcasts. Naturally, we are as chuffed as a ruff– by this recognition.  

Welcome to the Bird Podcast. Come fly away with us.

Back story

In early 2004, two birders met at Ulsoor.  One was Ulhas Anand, and the other was me– Shoba Narayan.  Ulhas had been birding for years.  Knew a ton about birds, butterflies, moths, ants, etc.  I was just dipping my toes into this field.  Soon, it would become an obsession.  We would meet for Bengaluru Bird Day and get talking.  Ulhas is a product guy, a whiz with websites, coding, UI/UX and other such things.  I am a journalist.  Together, we decided to start this podcast.  Both of us set the tone.  Ulhas has a deep knowledge of conservation and birding issues so he weighs in on things like: should we do episodes on falconry? So far, we haven’t.  I weigh in on things I care about– we are completely gender balanced, by which I mean, we try really hard to have 50 percent women-guests on our show.  

Ulhas’ daughter, Tamanna Atreya has helped us a lot– in between her school studies.  We also get expert inputs from people we respect.

The Official Goals

In short, to combine birding, conservation and storytelling.  Longer version below.

We will talk to naturalists and birders, about common and special birds, while highlighting issues both old and new. We will take a close look at the world’s vanishing forests and wetlands, and the impact their disappearance is having on birds. We will speak to the men and women who have successfully saved endangered birds and habitats. We will cover bird news, products and general information for beginners who want to get into birding.  And we will do individual podcasts on bird species.

The broad categories we will cover during our journey are:

  • People: interviews with bird experts
  • Destinations: places to go and birds to see
  • Issues: Climate change, critically endangered species, migration patterns and the like
  • How-to: For beginners.  How to identify birds.  How to buy a pair of binoculars.  How to…well, you know.
  • Bird Species: Well, the grand plan is to do an episode on each of the 1200-odd bird species in the Indian subcontinent. If we get that far, we will then spread our wings and add episodes about birds across the world.

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