Maitreya Sukumar, 18, who has been birding since he was 4, has seen 850 + bird species in the Indian subcontinent and around 2500 species overall . He was named Sanctuary Asia’s Young Naturalist of the year in 2018. Apart from birds, he is interested in frogs, conservation and evolutionary biology. Here is a video of Maitreya winning the Sanctuary Young Naturalist Award 2018.

Here are some books he has co-authored, and birding clubs he co-founded.

He writes regularly for Saevus magazine.

In this conversation, we explore Maitreya’s journey in birding all over the world. You can see the birds that Maitreya talks about in the below links.

Wilson’s bird of paradise, Lemon rumped warbler, Rufous mot mot, Five coloured barbet, Sapayoa, Apolinar’s wren, Green-bearded helmet crest, Resplendent quetzal, Bowerbird, Black sicklebill, Sultan tit, Ward’s trogon, Satyr’s tragopan, Yellow-rumped honeyguide, Sikkim wedge-billed babbler, Beautiful nuthatch, White gorgeted flycatcher,

Bird is Owls of the Eastern Ice

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