In this episode, we are talking about how we know what we know about bird migration.  Our guest, Rebecca Heisman describes herself on her website, as a “bird writer for hire.” Her first book, flight path has the following subtitle: How a Passionate and Quirky Group of Pioneering Scientists Solved the Mystery of Bird Migration. This episode is as much about people as it is about birds.  


  1. Can you outline your book for those who have not read it.
  2. An overview of the various ways people have tracked birds.
  3. What do flight call recordings tell us about bird migration.
  4. You explain for a non-engineer how radar track birds.  Can you help us with that?
  5. You have this poignant section about a ruby-throated hummingbird hitting a high-rise in Texas.  Tell us about Birdcast and what we can do to help during migration
  6. Talk about radio telemetry, GPS trackers and how they are used to track long distant migrants. 
  7. The philosophy of trackers, blackpoll warblers and migration.
  8. What were your takeaways from writing the book.
  9. What are your favourite birds.

Photo by Barth Bailey on Unsplash

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